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Saša Lošić

Saša Lošić


Saša Lošić was born in Sarajevo, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He started his career as a singer and composer in “Plavi Orkestar” - one of the most popular bends in ex-Yugoslavia that was considered a cultural pop phenomenon of the Eighties. Other than that Lošić is the author of many scores for film and theatre. Today he lives and works both in Ljubljana and in Sarajevo.

Composer of music in films:

  • The Spirit of the Great Lakes (orig. title Duh velikih jezer) – directed by Franci Slak
  • Outsider (orig. title Outsider) - directed by Andrej Košak
  • Fuse (orig. title Gori vatra) - directed by Pjer Žalica (award for the best music in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2003)
  • The End of Unpleasant Times ( orig.title Kraj doba neprijatnosti) - directed by Pjer Žalica
  • Hop, skip & Jump - directed by Srdjan Vuletić
  • Welcome to Sarajevo - directed by Michael Winterbottom (Lošić as a songwriter)
  • Cheese and Jam (orig. title Kajmak in marmelada) - directed by Branko Djurić
  • Borderline Lovers - directed by Miroslav Mandić
  • Headnoise (orig. title Zvenenje v glavi) - directed by Andrej Košak (Vesna Award in Film Festival Portorož, 2003)
  • Jer jasno prijatelju? - directed by Dejan Ačimović (songwriter)
  • Composer of music in theatre performances:
  • Elvis de Luxe – directed by Iztok Lovrić
  • Romeo & Julija - directed by Haris Pašović
  • Bakhantke - directed by Vito Taufer | contact | press